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Title: Youth Panel 2010: Mark

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Youth Panel 2010: Mark

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Introducing Mark - Northern Ireland rep

Hi my name is Mark. I'm the youth ambassador for Northern Ireland this year.

I'm 18 and I am studying BTEC in art at my local collage.

I love my art, it's a part of who I am. I also love the weirdest of things, if you met me, you would not put them together with me. I enjoy gardening, animals, travelling, music and most of all my friends and family, I couldn't live without them!!!

I hope to go on with my life and study art at Uni somewhere and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Mark's favourite Blast uploads

  • Kiss



    I love this piece! The range of colours are amazing and the whole concept behind it with the two people kissing and then their hair going up to make a heart to show their love! It's just a colour splash of love.

  • Run



    I adore this piece as it shows off the beautiful colours of a kingfisher's plumage. This is such a perfect illustration of a king fisher, it is so precise and detailed.

  • Your Label competition design

    Your Label competition design

    Your Label competition design

    This piece I thought was smart as it used the person's imagination to show what they thought of humanity and its connection to earth. I like that she sticks to one primary colour which doesn't make it too complicated.

  • Squid Ink

    Squid Ink

    Squid Ink

    I love this t-shirt design; it is so creative! Like, who would think of a squid on a t-shirt?! I think it's really smart and I would love to be walking around with it on as it's art that you wear!! I love Ben's other work too, he is a really good artist!

  • Living in Colour

    Living in Colour

    Living in Colour

    WOW! It is such an explosion of colours and artistic talent! For one, the actual drawing of the person is totally spot on and even if it isn't, it is made to look like it is by the use of colouring and shading. I love all of Nafia's work as she has a brilliant eye for art!

  • Paper dress

    Paper dress

    Paper dress

    Reduce, reuse and recycle..oh, and create fashion, this is such a wonderful piece. It shows how little you need to make a dress and how everyday items can be used to make it work for you. It also shows that Shae put a lot of hard work, time and effort into it.

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