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Title: BiteBite - He's Dead

by CarysMarie16 from Wales | in writing, fiction, novels

I pulled me and Josh to the couch, and we started kissing. His hands were running through my long black hair, and my hands were wrapped around his neck. I pulled away from his soft lips, and started to kiss his neck, my lips pacing up and down. I kissed his neck gently, and pulled my lips back, revealing my white glistening teeth. Josh’s eyes were closed, and I struck quickly. I bit his neck, and heard him shout. I licked the cut on his neck, and started to drain him of his delicious blood. Josh was the twenty-third boy I’d gotten rid of in two months. My parents, Jan and Pete were always wondering where all the boys went. I just said we were too different. They believed it, and that was it dropped. These boys were all just fun to me. I satisfied them with sex, and all that, and then they satisfied me with blood. I never feel guilty about it though. Their parents just worry, and report a missing person, and I just laugh.
I licked my lips, and picked up Josh with my one hand. I walked out of the back door, where the local river was five minutes away. I ran over to it, kissed Josh on the head, and dumped him in there. I heard the car door slam. My parents were back. Damn. I ran back into the house, just as my mother walked in, closely followed by my dad. “Hey Mel” Dad said. I smiled, and walked into the kitchen. I got a Coca –Cola out of the fridge, and gulped it in one. “Nice day sweetie?” Mom said.
“Yeah, it was okay” I replied, and tossed the can in the garbage.
“Where’s Josh? Or is he called Jake?” Mom asked.
“Oh, Josh’s gone home. We broke up” I said casually.
“Really? Why? I liked that one” she said, sounding shocked.
“No, he didn’t trust me, he said I was always with boys” I explained.
“Well, you don’t have any girlfriend’s honey”.
“I know. Girls hate me. They’re jealous” I told her, and walked upstairs. I heard Mom sigh, and make her way into the lounge.

I sat at my laptop, talking to Freddie, another friend of mine. Rumours had been going around the school that he liked me. He likes me; I like blood, perfect combo. My mom knocked my door; I quickly closed the conversation, and opened the door. “What?” I said bluntly.
“Me and Dad want to talk to you Mel” she said quietly.
I sighed. “Can’t we do this later?” I moaned.
“No! Downstairs, now” she snapped, and walked down the stairs. I sighed again, and followed her into the lounge.
“Sit down Melissa” my dad said, pointing to the couch.
“Me and your Dad have some exciting news to tell you!” Mom smiled. I rolled my eyes. Exciting to them was an antiques shop. “We’re moving to California!” Mom exclaimed.
“What? Wait, why?” I stammered.
“There was a promotion at work, and I got it. But it’s based in California” Dad explained to me. I nodded. “We’re going next week, the house is amazing, we’re right by the beach, and you’re room is huge! You’ll love it!” Mom said.
“Can’t I just stay here?” I asked.
“No! Of course not honey. You’ve got to buy food, pay bills, and it’s too far away. I’m not letting you stay in Texas on your own, while we’re in California!” Mom explained, and hugged me.
“Fine” I said.
“We’re leaving on Monday, so we can pack up tonight and tomorrow” Dad said.
“You’ll love the school too, it’s the best in the area” Mom smiled. “Now, let’s pack some of your things dear” she said, and ushered me up too my room.

A couple of hours later, all my clothes were in boxes, all my cd’s , DVD’s and books in another. We still had some more packing to do. I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my parents’ mouths earlier. California of all places? How was I going to deal with all the snobby rich kids in that new school? I didn’t want a Hollywood lifestyle. I wanted to carry on playing my game in Texas. Not Hollywood.

I got woken up bright and early on Monday morning. I glanced at my phone. 4:00am. You had to be kidding me. “Morning Melissa” Mom whispered. “You’re going to have to get ready, we’re flying at 6:30” she explained, and left me to get changed. I slipped into a tight-fitting tank top, skinny jeans, and some red converse. I picked up my bag, and made my way into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, and went downstairs.

We arrived at the airport at 5:00. We checked in, and wearily made our way onto the plane. Thank God it was only around two hours to get here. I closed my eyes to try and get some more sleep, but the flight attendant’s were coming around with food and drink. I was so thirsty. I didn’t want water, Coca-Cola or anything like that. I wanted some fresh, warm thick blood. I could imagine it flowing through my throat, touching my lips, and someone kissing me, and...
“Melissa! Melissa!” Dad shook me. I jumped. He startled me.
“What?” I said, blinking.
“We’re here” he smiled, and got my bag for me. I smiled weakly, and followed everyone out of the plane. “Have a nice day” the flight attendant smiled at me. I smiled back, and made my way out into the Californian sunshine. The sun was so bright, and hot, and I wasn’t used to it, after being cooped up in a plane. I rummaged in my bag for my sunglasses, and stuck them over my eyes. I saw my mom walking into LAX, and me and my dad followed. “It’s hot right?” Dad said.
“Too hot” I grumbled.
Dad, Mom and I all got our suitcases, and managed to grab at cab. It was around 9:00 by the time we got to the house.

We pulled up, and got out. Dad paid the driver, and him and the driver got the cases out of the trunk. I took mine from the driver, and waited for Mom to open the door. She finally found the keys, and opened the door, the door to a new place, a new life, but not a new me. “Here we go!” she squealed. Dad kissed her on the head, and we all followed her into the new house. “Ooh, I forgot how big it is Pete!” she exclaimed.

“Do you like it Melissa?” she asked me. I shrugged. We put our cases on the floor, and made our way around the house. After what seemed like seeing a thousand of the same rooms, we came to mine. “And this is your room!” Mom said, and opened the door. Inside the room, was a fireplace in the centre, and a big chandelier hanging above it. There was a big double bed in front of the fireplace, and on the left side of the bed, was a balcony. On the right, was a dresser, and a wardrobe. Next to the wardrobe was a bathroom. The walls were painted white, and the bedcovers a turquoise colour. There were soft white curtains blowing in front of the balcony. “It’s, its ok” I said.
“Ok? I would have loved a room like this when I was your age!” Mom smiled. “We’ll leave you to get settled” she said, and her and my dad walked off. I sighed. The room was nice, but to me it was boring. I wasn’t like every other seventeen year old in Hollywood. I didn’t like shopping, I didn’t like pop music or reality shows. But two things I loved?
Boys and blood.

“Mom! I’m going out!” I shouted.
“Where?” she said.
“Um, there’s a cafe up by here, I’ll be back soon!” I replied, and slammed the front door behind me.

I walked up two blocks, and found what I was looking for. A cafe that was surrounded by teenagers. I walked in and sat down. I looked at the menu, and the waitress came over. “Hi, how are you?” she said sweetly.
“I’m good thanks. I’ve never been here, so what’s good?” I asked her.
“Well, the milkshakes here are famous in town. Are you new in town?” she asked.
“Uh, yeah. I’ll have a chocolate milkshake please” I ordered.
“Yeah great. That’s $3.00 please” she said. I handed her five dollars, and instructed her to keep the change. I looked around, and saw at least five tables filled up with teenage boys and girls. I could see why. The cafe had a retro feel, and was playing rock music. It looked busy. A couple tables next to me, there was a cute boy. I batted my eyelashes over my green eyes, and smiled. Let’s see if I can still work my magic, I thought.

My milkshake came, and so did Mr Cute. He introduced himself as Danny, and he sat down. We got talking, and before I knew it, I was going back to his place. He said his parent’s were out, and it was too loud in the cafe. I knew what he meant. I slurped up the last of my milkshake, and followed him out of the cafe. I quickly glanced at the name of cafe. Dorothy Dean cafe. I’ll be there a lot more.

We got in his car, and parked outside his house. I followed him inside, and we went into his room. I leant forward, and touched my lips to his. He kissed me back, and before I knew it, I was lying next to him, in his parent’s bed. I didn’t even know how we got there. I kissed him again, and he kissed me back. We carried on kissing, and I bit. He screamed out in pain, and never said a word again. He was dead, and drained of blood. Twenty- fourth boy in two months. That’s gotta be a record right?

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Just something I thought of... Hope you like it! Melissa is basically a 17yr old rockchick, who loves boys, sex and blood. Especially blood. She moves to California from Dallas, Texas, and this is hopefully an okay 1st chapter!


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