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Title: The day

by Elly from Staffordshire | in writing, fiction, novels

The day I stopped thinking was the day he died. After that day, it hurt too much. I could not bear the pain so I just stopped thinking. I have nothing now. You do not know what you have until it is ripped from your life by some kind of evilness that has the energy of a black hole. It drags you in and makes you empty and heartless. Before that day I had a family, not a blood related one but a family none the less. I lost my parents when I was a small child. I never knew them so it never really hurt me. I mean I knew there were two people that loved me that I would never truly see again but at the end of the day you do not miss what you have never had.
The wind shifted again bringing crisp autumn leaves down around me. The smell of rain threatened the air. I smiled as they reminded me of him and the time we spent in the country on that cold September’s day. I wish I could have five more minutes with him to tell him the truth, to tell him I needed him and to tell him I loved him. It was too little too late, I thought bitterly. I should have saved him.
I have never really spoken of that particular day before because I could not without choking on my words. Now I feel it is time…

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4.19 out of 5

A kind of prologue to a story about a love that is cut short due to a serious of diasters.


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