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Title: Concept Statement

by jumanandhannah from Scotland | in art & design, design, fashion

For our four designs we chose the theme of Japan, looking closely at the symbolism used in the traditional Japanese culture. We decided to use the water and cloud symbols, along with the cherry-blossom and wood/ivory carvings traditional to Japan, which we found from the beautiful collection of images in the V&A. Within this overall theme, it was important to us to incorporate some of the old Japanese techniques and styles with the new, more modern aspect of fashion today. In order to successfully achieve this, we chose to focus on the wrapping style of the kimono – along with the silky material used – and the fan style folding of material commonly used in Japanese women’s fashion; then took a more contemporary approach to the way we portrayed these design aspects, taking inspiration from current designers such as Erdem (for his use of colour infused silk) and Rodarte (for their unique wrapping style). After researching our subject carefully and using this vast array of inspiration found, we feel we have successfully come up with a collection of four individual pieces all interlinked through our Japanese styles of folding and wrapping, completed with the use of traditional Japanese symbolism.

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'Japan' theme concept statement


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