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Title: Slugs (part four)

by Jon from Derbyshire | in writing, fiction

'So who is this man?'
'Woman.' Boris corrected him. 'Her name's Julie Mason. She lives on this street.'
'Then call her. What are you waiting for?' Boris gave Logan a dirty look, and then dialled in a number. Several minutes passed until someone finally answered.
'Oh, hi Boris. What do you want this time? Has your spaceship malfunctioned again?'
'No. I, er... wanted to borrow a Coolawave.'
'I'm afraid I just threw away the last one. Those things were hopeless. No-one was ever going to buy.' Logan came into the telecom's field of view.

'Then can you build another?' He asked. 'The giant slugs are becoming immune to the Brody radiation. We need the Coolawave technology to use Calicto radiation against the mutants. We could return them to normal size.'
'I suppose I could build a weapon to be filled with Calicto and make it work like a Coolawave. But...'
'But what?'
'It'll cost you.' I sighed with relief. I thought it was going to be something important.
'That's OK. Boris is rich.'
'Give me ten minutes and I'll be right over.' Thirteen minutes later, there was a flare of white light and Julie appeared, wielding a large metal gun.
'Filled with Calicto and ready to go.' She announced.
'How come you were so quick? And where did you get the Calicto from?' Logan asked. Julie simply ignored him. They sat down for a couple of hours, planning their attack carefully. They would teleport to the North Pole and attack the slugs while they were still relatively weak. It wasn't until they stepped out the front door that they realized they had some serious re-planning to do. Slugs were sliding up the street, no sign of discomfort at the Brody radiation. They slithered smoothly in a straight line, devouring everything in their path. They were all heading in the same direction: directly towards Logan, Julie and Boris! The trio remained confidently still, waiting for every single slug to approach them before they attacked. Hundreds of colossal slugs gathered round, growling and gnashing their teeth. They came nearer and nearer until...
'Now! Use the weapon.' Julie lifted the gun high above her head and pulled the trigger. Jets of radiation spilled out, immersing the mutants in strangely colourless light. You couldn't see it but you knew it was there. But it wasn't cold radiation. No. It was hot. Very hot. The slugs began to grow huger and huger, and Julie roared with laughter. Boris turned pale.
'Julie? What's happening?'
'I have been planning this for years. I was waiting for the slugs to become immune to the irritating Brody radiation. My entire life has been a misery on this stupid planet. I was bullied at school. I was beaten up by my husband. I was mugged by robbers. This planet needs a proper ruler. The entire world will be cleansed by the slugs, and a new world will emerge, in which I will reign supreme.' The slugs continued to grow, until they were all over a hundred metres high.
'The time has come! This world shall be cleansed!' Logan looked despairingly at the slugs and silently acknowledged the end of the world.

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I saw a strange looking slug on the ground and imagined that it was a mutant...!


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