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Title: Best Friends

by Ree | in writing, poetry

We always stay in on a Saturday night
Every week it's mostly been the same
Ever since you started that fight
We watch films, call each other names

We've never been invited to a cool party
All we worry about is who buys the Haribo
Then we mess around or pretend to be arty
A bottle of Coke and we're good to go

Sometimes we get fed up of junk food
So we drink coffee or watch TV
I think some of your comments are lewd
But you're always yourself around me

You try to make me do my maths homework
Because you love to do quadratic equations
I know it's not my only quirk
But I'd rather play on your Playstation

Then all of a sudden it's all downhill
After the bullies kicked your face in the mud
You open the cuts that had started to heal
I never judge, I just mop up the blood

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