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Title: Why do you think...

by Holly from Nottinghamshire | in writing, poetry

Why do you think........
If I am french I must be romantic;
If I am English I must like fish and chips.

Why do you think.......
If I am skinny I must be anorexic;
If I am overweight I must be lazy.

Why do you think.........
If I am young I must be in a gang up to no good;
If I am old I must like playing bingo.

Why do you think...........
If I call myself a goth I must self-harm;
If I call myself myself a chav I must mug people.

Why do you think..........
If I am pretty I must be popular;
If I am intelligent I must be boring.

Why can't you...........
Wait until you get to know me;
Before you label me !

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I wrote this after thinking about how people label each other and how people are put into sterotypes that are not always right or true.


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