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Title: My teacher asked me to write an assignment¿

by Pippa from Bedfordshire | in writing, poetry

My teacher asked me to write an assignment,
But it's taking all night.
My mind and page is blank,
Although I'm trying with all my might.
I'll leave it and I'll sleep,
Ready to scribble something in the morning light.

The morning has come and gone,
However, I'm still really stuck!
I can hope for a snow day,
But I better not push my luck.
I know if I don't do it,
I can expect a disappointed 'tut'.

So I'll get some fresh paper,
And try to start again.
Words and phrases begin to spill,
But I realize I have no pen.
So when I'm FINALLY ready to write my ideas,
I can't remember them.

So I'm back to where I started,
Feeling pathetic.
I really need to write something,
For my English-Lit.
So think Pippa! Think of something
Bouncy and full of wit!

Maybe I could write about my life,
In a little rhyme.
But that would take too long,
And I haven't got the time.
Perhaps I could write a poem,
About this stressful experience of mine.


My teacher asked me to write an assignment'

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I¿m not joking, my teacher actually did ask me to write an assignment. She said it could be about anything we wanted and that it would be put in the school magazine. I decided to write a poem, which I thought would be easy. It wasn¿t. So everything in the poem is true.


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