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Title: Story of a love condemned

by Taylor-Marie from London | in writing, poetry

Who doth write these laws of love and lust?
So, wanting lips may never touch?
When doe-eyed youths and majestic men,
May gaze eye-in-eye, why must it then end?
Illegal is the action, of lips that meet,
Mine heart broken in the darkèd street!
Before judgmental neighbours and watchful eyes!
Who see, disagree and do dispise!
Who wrote these laws, yonder guard?
Who struck mine heart, mine love, so hard?
Tell his name to mine condemnèd head,
Give me the knowledge before I am dead!
Thoust be the villain whom constricted mine heart
And with thoust binding laws, tore mine forbidden love apart.
No matter, sir, I have made my shrift now,
Sweet goodbye to mine count, mine hamlet, mine sow.
I may be too young, sir, for the count, but do tell me this:
Doth mine love stain his heart, with mine last kiss?

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I love Shakespeare!


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