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Title: Hatred

by Ruohua from Cheshire | in writing, poetry

Blood runs cold,
Shiver down your spine,
Consumed by darkness,
Quiescence surrounds.

Sudden rain pours,
Spears through windowpanes,
Penetrating walls,
Splattering on your face.

Flash of light,
A roaring sound,
Your eyes catch,
A short glimse.

A white figure,
Chalk chalk white,
You feel for a light switch,
Turning it on.

A bloodcurdling scream,
Passes your lips,
She was hanging from a rope,
Attached to the ceiling.

Plumes of redness,
Poured from her mouth,
Slowly drips down,
Her cold dead corpse.

Hatred runs through your veins,
With no sign of remorse,
Convoluted feelings of hostile emotions,
Thinking it could have been your kill...

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Basically I Was Bored And It Was Raining So I Just Wrote This Poem...


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