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Title: Dust

by Tony from Cheshire | in writing, poetry

Unwrap a gift, suspense unfolds
Like wrapping on the unknown box,
Of course, I wonder, this could fill
The empty shelf upstairs.

And so I build myself, my life
Could change with this; rise like balloons,
Yet as I rip and tear and pull
I'm sucked and crumpled; dry.

'Enjoy!' says Mum, I smile and nod
A stinging in my eyes, I choke
And mumble 'Thank you, Mum', I know
It's all we can afford.

A faulty lip and washed off smile
As I retreat to my domain
Alone. I wonder why it's me
That always misses out.

As weeks go by, I try and play
My friends slash foes most adored games
And on that shelf accumulates
An ever thicker dust.

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Task in a Creative Writing Seminar about an unwanted present - I drew on past memories and it all just flourished from there.


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