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Title: Solitary confinement

by Taylor-Marie from London | in writing, poetry

The shyest stars burn above me,
Gone is the comforting day,
I'm sitting at Soledad Station,
My home is so far away.
Sometimes, I sit and dream, you know,
Of lazy days in the sun,
I still had a family then,
I never thought of my life as fun.
I suppose you never do, you know,
You never realise you've got the best,
Because as all this time is passing,
You just want the rest.
Soledad Station, you know,
Seems like the edge of space,
And it jolly well could be for all I know,
For I'm as ancient and as barren as this place.

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I am generally known to write rather dark tales and poetry, so I decided to try a different theme. After reading 'Of Mice and Men', by John Steinbeck, I realised loneliness was a great theme to write about. I used the place 'Soledad' from the book as it reflects The character I am trying to build via pathetic fallacy. I.e. the place is like a barren desert, and the name 'Soledad' sounds like 'solitary'.


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