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Title: If I die today

by Chazzie from Cornwall | in writing, poetry

If I die today
Would I try to run and hide
From the icy clutch of death?
Would I stand and fight
To the end of the line,
To the last of my strength?
Would I breathe my last
Quiet and subdued
Allow myself to slip away
Noiseless and unnoticed?
Would you think any less of me
If that was my choice?
Don't hate the dead, my friend,
For not fighting on.
For you do not see
What awaits them. They do.
They love you,
But they leave you.
And I know,
If I die today,
I shall live on inside you.

Keep me alive.

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I wrote this. I don't know where it came from. This is for everyone who feels cheated of many happy years after losing loved ones. Me included.


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