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Title: Nine minutes, ten years

by Harriet from Buckinghamshire | in writing, poetry

Nine minutes
Until I drift
Far far away

Eight minutes
Until I can pretend
I don't have to decide my life
Choose my paths
Aged just sixteen

Seven minutes
Until my mind is filled
With people
Who smile
And mean it

Six minutes
Until I can pretend
Tomorrow isn't coming soon

Five minutes
My time is fading fast
Yesterday I was six
All I had to worry about was a spelling test

Four minutes
Until I can be six again
In a place where friends were friends
And smiles were half formed with gappy gums

Three minutes
Until my brain rests
At last

Two minutes
Ten years have passed in two minutes
And now I'm old
I'm grown up
I don't want to be

One minute
Until I can dream of a time
When I was happy

Tomorrow I face friends
With fully formed fake smiles
Wishing each other well
As we enter a room
In which our life is mapped out

For now, I sleep.

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I have three GCSE exams tomorrow and it is my bedtime now. I'm not exactly calm so this was my count down to bedtime.


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