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Title: Corso della vita

by Naomi from Scotland | in writing, poetry

Melting like paper in rain,
Now crumpled will never be perfect again.
Slipping down a hollow no-one can reach,
In vain we hold on to what we want to keep.

A seven year-old girl with a sting in her palm
Hears only buzzing, not urgings of calm.
The lessons are learned, the knowledge retained.
But inevitably memories will always fade.

That time, in that place, with that person, that face,
And you loved him so much you let him have your grace.
But it wasn't to be and it all came undone,
And the rose-tinted memory isn't a bad one.

The excitement you had over things now mundane,
Like choosing utensils and colours and paint.
You sat up all night in your kitchen - still bare.
The recollections are dusty, and tired, but there.

A dress, a garter, a tiara, a wife,
At the end of the aisle - your partner for life.
Vague recollections of things that went wrong
Dulled by the happiness to last lifelong.

Rusted nails on your insides, your expression wild,
All was made worth it by the birth of a child.
You somehow forget all the deep crimson pain,
And two years later you do it again.

But once they'd grown up, and all flown the nest
All that you're left with is things on your chest.
The problem becomes to monstrous to slay
The good bits forgotten, you call it a day.

At first it's too hard - you don't know what to do.
But soon you realise you're not starting anew.
You have your friends, your family, yourself,
It's time to move on for the sake of your health.

Melting like paper in rain.
Trying to keep them is vain.
Memories will change, decay, and fade,
But always remember - new ones can be made.

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A painting called ""The persistence of Memory"" by Salvador Dali


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