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Title: Stuff & Things

by Chris from Wiltshire | in writing, poetry

What if I came home and all my stuff was gone?
Stuff I've never dreamt of actually using,
But know I own. But think I might own.
The stuff under my bed.
The stuff in the bottom of the toy box.
The stuff behind the bigger stuff.
Would I know if I no longer owned my stuff?

What if I looked up and all my things were gone?
Things that have no useful use.
Big things, small things, bendy things, broken things, long things.
Things that are just there.
Kindly adding to the colour, shape, style and environment of my room.
I wouldn't miss a few things, but
What's a room without things?

What if I took my stuff and things...
And used them?

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The messy hellhole that is, my room.


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