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Title: Why Write

by Cheryl from Scotland | in writing, non-fiction

Sometimes, I think of myself as a bottle of coke. Like there's this great build up of gassy words, bubbling about inside of me, trying desperately to escape. Sometimes, though I've given up questioning why, I believe someone picks me up and shakes me, perhaps laughing as the liquid language fizzes and the bottle eagerly bulges within their heavy hand.

Ironic, that I find comfort in this metaphor, as I am allergic to coke. The bubbles make me sick but still, on occasion, I find myself with a glass in my hand, pushing, taking the risk and dealing with the consequences the following day. Why? Because I like the taste.

So what has this got to do with my wish to write? Everything. Writing is about taking that risk. It's about shaking myself, discovering, and finding a way to release the bubbles. Passion, fulfilment, determination and the ability to keep trying, even if the odds are against you, this is what writing is about. I believe that, inside me, there is something beautiful, fizzing away, just waiting until I find myself and ultimately, the screw top.

Why write? Because I believe the world deserves a drink.

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