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Title: Imaginary Games

by Frances | in writing, fiction

A long time ago there was a little girl
called Lucy. She loved playing imaginary games with her best friend Sophie. Every lunch and break time they would meet up and play together'

Dear little Lucy aged but six
Did not wish to play with sticks
She wanted to play with her friend, Sophie by name
And go on an adventure, their imagin'ry game.

They dreamt of places near and far
And places not able to go in a car
They travelled worlds far and wide
And imagined places where they could hide
They visited towns up high and down low
And dreamt of places they'd never go.

These worlds they imagined in far off places
Had monsters and bugs and 'Things' with two faces
The places they went were weird and wild
Unlike the children who were meek and mild.

While they were out one tripped, hurt her knee
And cried to the other 'go on without me!'
'Sophie' she cried 'I'd never leave you'
'I'd carry you round the world if I had to'

Slowly but surely they kept limping on
And wondered if anyone knew they were gone
Eventually, tired and chilled to the bone
The girls came across an old telephone.

They dialled the numbers one by one
And under their voice a song they did hum
'At last!' they cried 'we can go home'
But all they got was the message tone.

Exhausted and hungry and extremely tired
The girls fell asleep in a boat they had hired'

When suddenly, the boat started floating down the river with the two little girls on board still fast asleep!
As the boat drifted along it started picking up speed, crashing into rocks and throwing the girls, who were now wide awake out of the boat and into the lake, which by six year old standards was extremely deep.

Luckily Sophie could swim and started pulling herself and Lucy towards the bank.
One problem' the three eyed, human devouring crocodiles didn't agree that the girls should escape; they thought they should be lunch
Lucy screamed and started kicking her legs to try and deter the crocodiles but it only seemed to make them more determined to eat them.

Sophie grabbed Lucy pushed her onto the river bank, and then clambered up herself. They ran back into forest, leaving the crocodiles and their boat far behind.

After a while Sophie realized something; 'err' Lucy, I, I think, I think we're lost'
'No we're not, I know exactly where we're going, come on follow me'
Continuing along the route Lucy had selected, the girls stumbled over some vines and fell right into a trap
They were in trouble now!
Running out of their hiding places in the trees came' some EVIL BUNNIES! With long sharp sticks which they insisted on poking the friends with.

The Bunnies dragged the companions back to their cave making sure they were tied up tightly so they couldn't escape. When they arrived there was a pungent smell of raw fish and rotting corpses but about one hundred times worse.
The kidnappers threw the children into a cage made of human bones!

The girls continued to scream so loudly their faces went through every colour of the rainbow with all the effort but to no avail.

The Bunnies gathered herbs that they had collected from the forest, put them all into a humungous, black, human cooking cauldron. They then added water from the lake, rather dirty looking but the rabbits did not mind a bit of dirt, and cut up some carrots which I have no idea where from as the forest does not grow carrots. (It must be a rabbit thing)

All this while the girls were concocting a plan of action, when the rabbits took them out of the cage to eat, they would pull their ears off and run as fast as they possibly could.
This took many days to even seem possible as the EVIL BUNNIES! Had decided that the girls were too skinny to eat and were fattening them up by feeding them the most delicious and addictive chocolate never known to man.

Finally the day came to eat the children and their plan could be put into action. Again the bunnies collected herbs and water from the forest, placed them into the cauldron, added the spontaneously appearing carrots and started stirring the concoction as is heated up. Eventually the water started boiling and the bunnies, in some language no human would understand, let alone six year olds, told each other that the dish was ready for the children.

The bunnies crowded round the cage, poking sticks in hand, open the cage door''. 'Now!' Lucy screamed, the girls grabbed the ears of the bunnies and pulled as hard as they could, but nothing happened. They gave each other a terrified look and let go of their kidnapper's ears. As soon as the companions let go, the bunnies seized them and tied their hand and feet together so they couldn't move at all, then threw them into the cauldron.

The girls had to think fast and escape. They managed to untie each other and formulated a new plan. When they were supposedly ready to eat, the HEAD BUNNY! took the lead and softly licked the girls' faces with his incredibly long, hairy tongue. Calling to the other rabbits saying they were ready and extremely tasty, the girls took their chance and ran for their lives (literally) down out of the cave and deep into the forest. They stopped briefly and looked behind them to make sure they were not still being followed. Far off in the distance they could see a long line of BUNNIES! Hopping back towards their cave utterly fed up and starving hungry.

Lucy and Sophie finally had a chance to catch their breath and calm down after their awful ordeal. Eventually, Sophie said to Lucy that she was bored of this game and wanted to be back at school'

One said to the next 'wish we were at school'
So they opened their eyes and they were, how cool
From all their adventures they learned one thing
When you go away, always a cell phone bring

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I had to do some original writing for my coursework and i wanted to do a poem but it had to be 1000 words which is really hard to do in poetry.


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