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Title: Just Let Go

by Kieran | in writing, poetry

Laying in the green grass
in an open atmosphere
staring at the blue sky
with everything so clear
with no one next to me
I got nowhere else to be,
But right here

In a busy world
sometimes we forget to breathe
trapped inside the daily grind
and that's all there seems to be

Oh but there's more to it than that
take your time to just relax
and feel the breeze

Oh, Oh, Oh, just let go
Oh, Oh, Oh, just let go

Thinking about nothing
a moment just for me
like the clouds up in the air
a sacred kind of peace
I gotta unwind myself
close my eyes and just breathe

Oh, Oh, Oh, just let go
Oh, Oh, Oh, just let go

Tomorrow can wait for me
Tomorrow can wait for me

Oh, Oh, Oh, just let go
Oh, Oh, Oh, just let go

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I was thinking about life in general. How in this country we are tied up so much by time, and we should let go now and again. This dawned on me after I got back from my exchange in Tanzania where they don't follow time exactly


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