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Title: As he sails

by Nessa | in writing, poetry

As he sails
Out into the blue
A soft music fades

As he sails
The music grows fainter
And I realise it is the sound
Of Lament and Desolation

As he sails
The Orchestra that is hope and courage
Disappears with him, Forgotten

As he sails
A cold gust of wind
Prises away all feelings of hope
And replaces them with a demon, Gnawing

As he sails
The Gnawing grows, and develops
Into Dread

As he sails
The Dread pulls me
Down into a cold, dark hole
I cry out, yet no-one heeds me

As he sails
I'm sinking further down to my hole,

As he sails
A glimmer arises
A goddess, Hope

As he sails
Hope helps me out of my hell-hole
But as I look back
Dread consumes me

As he sails
Demon Doubt creeps upon me
He whispers in my ear: 'Abandoned'

As he sails
He shrinks, no longer a ship but a Glimmer
Upon the Deep Abyss
At Poseidon's mercy

As he glimmers
A bubble forms and separates me
From life

The bubble, yet is comforting
The Spirit, Resignment
Calms me

As he disappears
I collapse on the sand
And I prepare to wait
And I sigh

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We had to write a poem in year 7 based on how Eurylokos felt as he saw Odesyus sailing away and leaving him on the island. (I think that's it anyway)


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