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Title: Beat

by Eniola from Lancashire | in writing, poetry


It was the excitig drum of freedom
Rang thru the universe
THAT all that were bound
'''Might be free

It beat''Beat''..Beat loud
As chains are broken
and freedom-Liberty
R''a'i'.n'..ed on all.

What is this Beat
that has all men
Dancing in freedom

What is this freedom
That still has man bound
To his own conscience.

What is this Liberty
that has caused so much
Difference between us

There isn't any difference
Between us''
Only the mentality
That we are different.

Different in nature
And so on''.
But searching deep''.
We all are connected to one source
And we all dance to one Beat''..
The beat of Boundage breaking Ties
And the Liberty to stand up
To our Mentallatio differences
And come together and dance to one Beat'''
The Beat of love

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Joblessness.then i decided to write something, Anything.


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