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Title: Feelin

by Sophie from Kent | in writing, poetry

I see the darkness more then light,
In my world nothing is ever right,
I see all that is meant to be,
Whilst feeling the darkness consuming me,
I want you to know how I feel
So you can tell this smile is not real,
I want to know whats wrong with my head,
I neeed you to listen to what I have said,
I know that you are worried about me,
But with different eyes you do see,
In my head Im so confused,
In myheart Im feeling used,
They ask me whyI feel this way,
But in words it is difficult to say,
I want to be on the right persons arm,
And know never again I'll come to harm,
But still the dark is consuming me,
And my future happiness seems like it can't be,
Maybe oneday everything will be alright,
And all this darkness will turn to light.

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I was going through a bout of depression due to things that happened in my childhood and this is what I felt.


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