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Title: TORCHWOOD Fiction part 1

by laura from Hampshire and Isle of Wight | in writing, fiction

A teenager was running through the dense forest, its was dark, (as it always was) no stars (as ever) and no-one else around, (no surprise there) he counted inside his head, ten seconds of continuous running before you heard the first man jeer from behind on horse back, then the clatter of what seemed like a thousand hooves started. The girl ran as fast as she could, but it was never going to be fast enough, she darted behind a tree. He saw her lips move silently as she looked up at the blank sky, the men on horse back caught up. One jumped down from the saddle, he was wearing a cape, or was it a long coat. (Wait, he hadn't seen this bit before) He could hear the girl breathe hard, the man wearing the long cape (or coat) stepped towards her, the teenager backed further into the tree, (further than seemed possible,) the man placed his hand on the tree beside her face, (he could hear his own breathing getting dangerously fast) 'don't bother running child, you can't escape, you can never escape' the man in the cape said, his voice was rasping, like he was struggling to speak, or maybe he was just trying to keep himself hidden, the girl closed her eyes and swallowed, 'you are part of me, nothing can change that, no matter how much you deny it' the man continued, the girl shook her head quietly. The man sighed, 'I'm bored of chasing after you child, so this is how its gunna be,' the man whispered, he pulled a gun from his waist belt, (it was an old webley) he held it at point blank range and shot her in the chest.

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2.50 out of 5

i started to think about writing after watching doctor who, then i moved onto torchwood.


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