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Title: Ode to Walt Disney

by Kelly | in writing, poetry

The greatest creator has to be
The one, the only, Walt Disney.
By sketching and etching he drew,
Mickey, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh.

Although written by A.A. Milne,
Disney went on to make the film.
Bright red jumper and honey too,
With Kanga, Eeyore, Piglet and Roo.

We shall now meet the wooden boy,
A puppet, a carpenter's toy.
This carpenter longed for a son,
Made a wish and this wish was done.

Pinocchio became alive,
But for how long would he survive?
Upon him was a nasty curse,
Each time he lied, it would grow worse.

He told lies- not to he did try,
His nose grew more with every lie.
Partnered with a cricket he was,
Looking out for the boy because,

He got in trouble where'er he went,
Most of Jimminy's time was spent
Worrying for the puppet toy,
Whose only wish- to be a real boy.

When Cinderella's father died,
She was distraught and cried and cried.
Ugly stepsisters took her in,
She swept, cooked and emptied the bin.

Invited to the Prince's ball,
But Cinders had to clean the hall!
Gorgeous Charming wanted a wife,
But Cinders had no social life.

Fairy Godmother came to her,
The night would soon pass in a blur.
Up until midnight she could stay,
With the Prince, danced the night away.

A golden carriage she went in,
Created from a big pumpkin.
Her silky dress was very nice,
Her footmen made from seven mice.

Glass slippers she wore on her feet,
Wearing them, the Prince she did meet.
Midnight struck and she had to flee,
Prince Charming found her, "Marry me!"

Living with seven little men,
She bumped off three, 'cause there were ten.
This is the Snow White no-one knows,
Would scare little kids, I suppose.

Anyway, back to the story,
Walt's Snow White wasn't so gory.
This Snow White whistled while she worked,
An evil witch she must have irked.

She bit into an apple, red.
Well, that fruit went straight to her head.
She was dead! - and the seven little men,
Sadly depleted from their ten,

Made a glass coffin for Snow White,
And set to end her awful plight.
Happy was not so, and the rest too,
For what could seven dwarves do?

A handsome Prince was in order,
This handsome Prince searched, and sought her.
Awoke Snow White with a quick kiss,
To live a life of wedded bliss.

The Beast was ugly, Belle was sweet,
But both of them had smelly feet. (I apologise for this horrendous ryhme...)
The Beast wanted Beauty to stay,
She did until one awful day.

The Beast was slain and Beauty cried,
Distraught was she, that he had died.
Onto his body her tears fell,
He was transformed and all was well.

So, what cannot Walt Disney do?
Peter Pan, Aladdin, Bambi too.
But surely the best, has to be,
The mouse known only as Mickey.

In love with Minnie, trousers red,
Friends with Goofy (not right in the head).
Disney's first film put him on the map,
Mickey's steamboat and Donald Duck's quack.

Mickey, Minnie, Pluto as well,
No-one else could have done so well.
The greatest creator has to be,
The one, the only, Walt Disney.

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I have to apologise for the gargantuan length of this (it's fair to say I got rather carried away...). Also sorry if any of the Disney facts are wrong (I realise people can be quite offended by such a crime). Thirdly, does anyone actually know the true spelling of Jimminy? I must admit that I guessed/made it up... and finally, yes it is meant to be a sonnet and yes, I do know there are hardly ever eight beats to a line...anyone who can stick to eight is a genius!


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