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Title: Soulmate

by A | in writing, poetry

You can search the world,
To the edges and back,
You can't find it.
You can gaze,
Searchingly at the stars,
But you can't find it.
You can ask fate,
Forward your appeal to destiny,
You can't find it.

It has to find you,
Something powerful,
Two mouldings of souls,
An intimacy so beautiful,
A dedication so unbreakable,
A passion so untameable,
A companionship so faithful..
Find a person,
A man,
A woman,
Not yet a lover,
Just a person.
When you add,
The four parts of the recipe,
You're in with a chance...
It could be you.
Add to it
Of the purest, most
Then it's found you.
Hold onto it.
Its rarer than a blue rose..
You only find one.
It's your soulmate.

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Well, its for the special he or she in your life =]


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