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Title: Components

by Laura from Northern Ireland | in writing, poetry

The extremity of the wind,
Told like a story by its actions
Thrashings and bashing against the trees,
Tells you of its anger.
Twirling gently past me,
Tells you of its meek and mildness.

The gritty course earth falling like rain between my fingers.
Settling on the ground.
As the wind picks up,
That unsettled earth,
being pushed and pulled
Along the promenade, with the drafty breeze.

Roaring and spitting at me,
Crackling and flickering like a ravenous jungle beast!
The fire's furious orange and red flames,
Glowing in the darkness.
To touch brings punishment.

Splashing against each other,
Crystal clear to see,
Biting to touch with its frostiness.
Controlled by the wind
Slowly moving backwards and forwards.
The roaring of the water, swallowed by the movement against the sand.

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My english teacher and a poem on this website that I read called Elements.


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