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Title: Caged bird

by Kyra | in writing, fiction

'Caged bird why do you sing such a mournful song?' The child asked, his nimble fingers dancing lightly on the bars of the cage.
'I sing for my loneliness, I sing for freedom, little boy why won't you let me out?' The bird with beautiful feathers like the setting sun asked, his eyes pleading.
'But I would be so lonely if I let you free. I don't want to be alone again; I don't want to feel the cold again. Can't you understand that?' The boy said, his blue eyes welling with tears.
'Yes I understand little boy, but don't you want me to be happy? Knowing that I am happy and content with flying with my fellow birds? Please let me free....' The bird pleaded again, his black eyes welling with imaginary tears.
'No! I will not let you free! You are my bird and you are going to stay that way! I don't care if you're not happy! I am not alone anymore!' The child said, his tears long gone now replaced with a anger like a raging fire shone in his eyes.
'You are a selfish little boy; you'll regret this. This will come back and bite you in the back.' The bird spat, pointing a suddenly dull coloured wing at the boy.
'It is not me that is selfish! It is you caged bird! You're the selfish one! I only wanted just one friend and this is how you treat me! I saved you from death! Don't you remember, so in fact you owe me.' The boy said with a smirk, his eyes dancing in amusement.
'Death would be better than this! I'd rather die than be with you boy! You disgust me!' The bird resorted, his eyes blazing with hate.
'If death is what you desire, then death is what you shall have!' The boy yelled, his hands reaching in the cage to grasp the bird by its neck.
The bird gasped for breath, trying to bite the boy's hand but not avail he then continue to fight his cruel fate till death.
The boy laughed at his feeble attempts of escape and squeezed the bird's neck harder, smiling when blood gushed out and the bird's black pearls of eyes popped out of his head. 'You spent your life in this cage, now you died in this cage. No more dreams of flying free in the crisp August air, no more wishes of a lovely family, no more begging me to set you free.' The boy laughed out, the body of the dead bird still in his hand, the blood seeping out his fingers and onto the dirty floor. The boy dropped the body all too lightly and licked the still crimson blood off his fingers.
'Time to find a new friend...' The boy said happily and skipped off into the creeping shadows that wrapped their claws around him, welcoming him back home.

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My own desire to write something involving a caged bird, and the lonely little boy who took away his freedom.


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