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Title: A poem for Aunty Tina.

by Stephanie from Buckinghamshire | in writing, poetry

You were a great sport Aunty Tina!
I loved you more then words could say,
You had a few problems with your self confidence.
But, I know I'll see you again someday.

You were my Best Friend as well as My Aunt.
You showed me ways that other people can't!

You made my skies Blue when before they were Black,
It makes me want to cry, the thought of you never coming back.

So today I say my final Goodbye,
Even though you'll see me cry.
Deep down I know you're still with Me.
You'll be sitting on top of that old Birch Tree.

Smiling and Laughing though we are crying,
Sitting on top of the Gravestone trying,
Not to cry yourself.

You shouldn't cry,
For Now You Are Released!

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I wrote this poem when my Aunt died 1 Year Ago. I was going to read it at her funeral, but sadly I was not allowed to. This poem is talking about before the Funeral and like it says it was my way of saying ""GoodBye"".


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