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Title: Latest news - video games

by Zack from Somerset | in writing, non-fiction

Here's the latest news on video games -

1. Microsoft releases 800 MSP cards.

So Microsoft have finally decided to release 800 points cards in shops! Now you can finally buy enough points for a single game and not a bunch of extra points you don't want...

Personally I would have expected this ages ago when all games were 800 points...

2. EA on Steam!

EA has released a bunch of their PC games onto Valves Steam service.
The games out right now are -

Mass Effect
Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
EA Sports' FIFA Manager 2009
Need for Speed Undercover

3. Home update!

Sony has released an update to help fix all the connection problems people have been having while trying to connect to home. As a side effect voice chat has now been removed...

Keep it up Sony! You obviously have very smart people working for you!...

4. WoW patch incoming

Lots of things have changed but in short:
Hunters nerfed, Death knights buffed... What the hell??

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