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Title: Broken wings

by Marthae from Lancashire | in writing, poetry

You try to fly, over ground
Constantly flying round and round
My feet, they can, can touch the floor
My mind, its not, confused no more

I need not your help, they'll say
Fly, fly, just flying away
You're the one so proud, are you not?
You needed me once, or have you forgot?

Be careful, I say, not to hit the ground
Be careful he repeated, circling round
Bang! To the floor, dear child fell
Broken wings that needed help.

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You know when you find yourself going off into a little world of your own? For example in a classroom that's of no interest to you? Well that happened to me while I was in High School quite day I found myself drawing a picture and didn't even realise I was doing so. It was basically of a person with wings, one was flourished & functioning while the other was broken. I ended up staring at it a few weeks later and thinking about how I have so many friends that remind me of that drawing. They're so stubborn, ashamed or withdrawn from others to ask for help when they need it. Sometimes even too proud. So they fly high with their chins up and put on a smile for the day and it's funny because they dont realise that despite their effort, the rest of us KNOW something is wrong. I do try to help sometimes to be there for them, even just to talk, or be there so they know they have a shoulder to lean on, because I know it can help....But..they just keep on going on like everything's fine when it's so clearly not. Til one day, it gets too much.......& they fall from their high pedestal. I dunno, I guess it just made me think how sometimes we fall like a child with broken wings. I guess, it even reminded me of myself at the time because of everything I was personally going though. Keeping myself busy and happy hid me from those sad feelings for a short while. But that's exactly it, it didn't take the problem away, it just hid it and eventually it got too much for me and I couldn't ignore it anymore. I needed someone to be there for help, comfort, advice, guidance.....ANYTHING really. I just didnt show it. I ended up randomly saying ""If I could write a poem, or write a song...Id title it 'Broken Wings' and that's what it would be about. Humans and pride."" ...So in extremely short terms I'm going to say my inspiration was my friends. :]


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