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Title: Monster of them all

by Jessica from Cambridgeshire | in writing, fiction

The greatest fear of all is being swallowed up by the monster lying beneath our feet. Many have failed to free themselves from its grasp and have suffered by falling deeper and deeper without any means of escape. Just the thought of slowly disappearing, gasping for breath, as my friends watch me helplessly scares me to the core. Surely they would help me? Surely I would be saved? But what if they leave me there to die alone and afraid in that terrifying pit that could scare even the strongest of men and leave them powerless? Nothing can compare to the fear we feel now standing here. It is nothing I have every felt before and if this fears us to the bone then surely the future can only bring more terror. Worse terror than ever seen before in this life time or the next. The monster's fear is overpowering and everyone has failed to resist the weakness that it brings. The monster we all fear is not man nor beast. The monster we fear is life itself and all the trouble it brings that ruins everyones' lives.

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If you have not read my poem 'No hope' then I am writing an ongoing story about ww1 and this paragraph was originally about mud and how it feared the soldiers.


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