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Title: Through the eyes of a monster

by Jack from East Yorkshire | in writing, poetry

I look across the clear, blue water,
at the grass growing green,
I think of all the beauty
my hungry eyes have seen.

I open up my mouth and snarl,
a terror to the feeble,
I think of my next meal
and I smile.

I realise that I will be spotted
if I linger here all day,
I stand up on my mighty legs,
and stalk towards my prey.

No-one understands me,
no-one ever tries,
everyone who sees me simply
runs and screams and cries.

I see no reason why they hate me,
hypocrites, the lot of them,
they butcher animals in their millions,
all to feed their greedy tongue.

Yet when I take a single one
of their precious family,
they chase me with their evil weapons,
say I'm a monstrosity.

No, I say, you are the monsters,
with your mass-production of death,
you have committed genocide
enough to make me retch.

I sneak along behind my victim,
observe the beauty of this country,
I know not the name of the land I inhabit,
I only know it stuns me.

The pathetic humans care not for beauty,
not the natural kind, at least,
they care only for man-made 'art';
poetry, novels, and portraits of fools.

I see no beauty in these things,
they are simple patterns,
but they will come from miles around to see them,
flock like cattle.

None of them can understand
the loveliness of nature.
None of them will hear my opinion,
none of them will care.

I chase my prey, who walks unhindered,
unaware of me, the fool.
Soon I will pounce upon his shoulders,
strike him down and swallow him whole.

He thinks I am a monster,
I hear it in his mind.
Who is he to criticize
as though he is devoid of sin?

I will soon devour him,
it's my way to survive.
He can not ever realise that,
he's never even tried.

They all think I'm a monster.
though they destroy the world.
They don't just bite the hand that feeds them,
they take the head as well!

I jump, I slash, I bite,
I roar, he screams 'No more!' no more.
He's dead, I'm fed, upon his head,
is the mark of my claw.

I retreat to my hovel,
I gnaw upon a bone,
I hear the humans screaming
of their terror, of their woe.

The selfish fools, do they not see
the tainting of their hearts?
Corrupted valour lives within them,
until their souls depart.

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