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Title: One more chance

by Katie from Norfolk | in writing, poetry

My wings were broken, You mended them,
My heart was shattered, you fixed it,
My soul was ripped in two, you placed it together,
My love had vanished, a flame you lit.

My world had fallen, you bought it to life
I was broken, you made me better
My happiness was a myth, you made it reality,
In this poem, I mean every letter.

You never know how much you need someone, until you've lost them,
I found this out a long time ago,
If I had one more chance with you
The words "I love you" out of my mouth they would flow.

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I have loved writing and poetry since I was young. And now I have placed an ambition to be a famous poet writer. English is my favourite subject and poetry brings out the best in people's ability to write.


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