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Title: Music videos?

by D from London | in writing, non-fiction

He holds up a gun and screams profanities into a microphone. He's seen with a large gang of men, all of whom are carrying guns. He openly advertises all the things parents try and protect their kids from. Yet he is the man teenagers want to be. We all watch music videos and see the guns, the thugs, and the violence. But some of us see this as 'cool'. Could that influence the way teenagers behave? They dress like him, talk like him, and act like him, regardless of all the things they know they've been taught not to do. But a music video won't tell you everything, like the fact he may have been in prison, may be a raging alcoholic and may have an unhealthy addiction to a variety of the drugs he takes. Now is that how you want to end up?

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I don't really know, it's just my personal thoughts on some music videos out nowadays.


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