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Title: Learning Cinematography from the Experts!

Image by Sushi from London | in film, production, behind the scenes

Learning Cinematography from the Experts!

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It's been full steam ahead for my Screen Skills experience over the last few weeks - so much so there's far too much to cram in here! I've started my main Screen Skills project at the London Film Academy, where I've been enrolled in the Cinematography classes of their prestigious Film-Making Diploma, and it's been an incredible experience. As well as meeting the group of 15 great students from all over the world I'll be working with until the end of June, I've been working with 'proper' film for the first time - ask me anything about 16mm Arriflex cameras! I’m only two weeks in to the course and already I’m comfortable with loading magazines of film and setting up simple 3-point lighting scenes. And over the coming weeks we’ll be going even deeper into the disciplines of Cinematography, from camera operating to lighting; which is already proving to be as interesting as it is complex. And with the BAFTA TV Craft Awards fast approaching, and the anticipation and nerves growing, it's the best I can do to try to block it from my mind so I don't get over excited! The thought of meeting the cream of the British TV industry is really quite daunting, but I’m suited, booted and ready for what’s sure to be the highlight of the whole Screen Skills experience!


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