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Title: Darlington Project 2010 - Local heroes within the community

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Darlington Project 2010 - Local heroes within the community

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Who are the heroes in your local community and how would you illustrate their stories through a creative performance?

Darlington local heroes

Darlington Education Village is working with pupils and their families to collect stories about their ‘local heroes' and create imaginative performances based on them. The 'local heroes' are people who help in the local community.

These performances, which can be anything - a song, a dance, a piece of music, a film, a story, will be uploaded to and showcased on the BBC Blast website.

Do you feel inspired by this idea? Why not find a story about a local hero in your area and create your own performance. Then upload it and share it with us on the Blast website. Tag it 'local_hero' so it can be found easily.

Don’t know where to start? Then look out for news and videos on the Blast website about how things are going at Darlington, and inspiration will come.

BBC Blast is involved as part of a wider exciting collaborative project between BBC Learning and Darlington Education Village.

BBC Learning will be filming the pupils creating their work, and a big final event at the school at the end of July where all the reports and performances will be brought together and the ‘local heroes’ will be rewarded.

The stories will inspire others to become 'local heroes' by supporting and getting involved in their local community.


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