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Title: Youth Panel 2010: Shakti

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Youth Panel 2010: Shakti

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Introducing Shakti - North West rep

Hi everyone! I'm Shakti and I'm the Youth Panel Ambassador for the North West this year.

I'm 16 years old and I live in Bolton. I'm studying Maths, Art, Physics, Geography and Critical Thinking - a slightly random combination, I know, but that pretty much sums me up!

I LOVE art and it's one of my favourite subjects. I adore music too, because it's a language everyone can understand - I know it's cheesy but it's SO true! I play the euphonium in 3 bands, and go on tour almost every year. Our last tour was to America, where I met some amazing people and had some fantastic expereiences! I also enjoy reading, canoeing and bushcraft.

I'm pretty determined, and once I start something, I won't give up! At the moment, I'm spending a lot of my time fundraising for a month long group expedition to the Himalayas next year. I have to say I'm a tad EXCITED!

I enjoy a good laugh and a challenge to get my teeth into! ;)

Shakti's favourite Blast uploads

  • Light Project

    Light Project

    Light Project

    This photograph was created by Esme for a fashion project on the theme of light. I love the way she has used photoshop to alter the hue and contrast and create this surreal, almost supernatural image!

  • Run



    The title of this photograph is Run. It was taken by Isabel from Devon, and I think that its utter simplicity is its beauty. This photo has a commanding presence and is really cool at the same time! This is definitely worth checking out!!

  • Cry



    This piece from the Isle of Man is called Cry. Kate's delicate use of shading, especially in the pupil area helps to bring this drawing to life. Her use of contrast and highlights within the piece is AMAZING and makes it look even more realistic!

  • Frogs



    This photograph by Samantha from Oxfordshire is so cute! I love the playful colours of the image, which contrast with the serious expression of this poor frog who clearly isn't impressed with being photographed!

  • Untitled



    I like his use of mixed media in this piece - computer graphics and projection at the same time. I think that the colours work well with the layers of drawing and pattern. The layering also gives an almost 3D effect and makes it visually exciting.

  • The Little Monster

    The Little Monster

    The Little Monster

    This is Niamh the little monster, created by Laura from London. One day Laura was bored, and so she "just started sewing!" I think that this little creature proves just how easily you can tackle boredom by getting a little bit creative!

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