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Title: Youth Panel 2010 : Louis

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Youth Panel 2010 : Louis

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Introducing Louis - London rep

Hi! my name is Louis. I'm the youth panel representative for the London region.

I'm in Year 9 and I've already completed my GCSE in Art, something I absolutely relish. I'm sitting my first set of GCSEs this year and they include Science and Philosophy.

Writing is one of my many passions, I can never write enough. I'm thinking of becoming a journalist. I also enjoy performing in front of friends and family, so music is another big chunk of my life.

Louis's favourite Blast uploads

  • Marilyn Monroe

    Marilyn Monroe

    Drawing of Marilyn Monroe by Katherine

    This piece is a delight because of the delicious smooth texture she's used to capture the fine curves of Marilyn Monroe's face. I also love the use of tone demonstrated in the picture to show the light on her hair. The fine contour lines on the neck and shoulders are amazing.

  • The Eye

    The Eye

    The Eye by Emily

    This picture has a sense of hidden mystery within it. The striking eye lashes capture your attention with a sense of surprise, suspense and shock. The tranquil blues wrap around the pupil only revealing only half of what the person in the picture can see.

  • Fallen


    Fallen by Leyla

    I love the way this image conveys a sense of loneliness through the colours and make up. The pale white, unweathered skin is a contrast to the sun rays. It illustrates a sense of coldness and lifelessness felt by the person within the picture.

  • Ugg


    Ugg by Carl

    I love this metal work sculpture. I'm intrigued as to why Carl used metal to represent nature. I love the structure and shape of some of the body parts like the fingers. It's an amazing structure.

  • Paloma Faith art work

    Paloma Faith art work

    Paloma Faith art work

    I really love this picture by Ryan from the Paloma Faith competition. I love the way he highlighted the flaming red hair. It really compliments the beautiful sequined dress, nicely finished with a icy blue winter scene background.

  • Painting the Roses Red

    Painting the Roses Red

    Painting the Roses Red by Joanne

    I love Joanne's use of colour to produce a fantastic piece of work. I believe she's used a bit of ink to produce this striking character. The character is shown to be, very beautiful with a petite face. This artist has got a very authentic and beautiful style.

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