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Title: Youth Panel 2010: Jenny

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Youth Panel 2010: Jenny

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Introducing Jenny - West Midlands rep

Hi, I'm Jenny, rep for the West Midlands this year.

I'm 17 and I'm currently studying for my A-levels. I asked my friends how I should describe myself and the reply was "Geek!" - which I suppose is pretty much true!

I love to learn and nothing really makes me happier than understanding something new. Something else I love is analogue photography - I find the wait and the unpredictable nature of the photo so much more magical and exciting than digital photography.

Other interesting things about me are that I speak fluent French, my room could actually be mistaken for a second-hand bookshop, and no matter how hard I try I will never succeed in baking a decent cake!

Jenny's favourite Blast uploads

  • Puppeteer


    Puppeteer in the Sky by shootthephotographer

    This is a beautiful by shootthephotographer. The photo captures the contrasting colours of the sky and the field. The pastel shade of the dress and the swirly cloudy sky create a stunningly peaceful and dreamy summer feel.

  • California Sunset

    California Sunset

    California Sunset by Amber

    From the warm colours of the sun to the dark tones of the beach, Amber has captured a beautiful sunset.

  • Crazy


    Crazy by Syd

    This song is original and very catchy. The voice, lyrics and the ukulele parts are all very simply but very effective and the slightly melancholy tone of the song is quite beautiful.

  • Meow


    Meow by Bronwen

    I love these cats by Bronwen. No details were included as to howthis piece was created. I love the simpicity of this piece. It looks as though it could have been drawn using Paint or any basic drawing program. The results of this technique is adorable and very artistic.

  • Make-up Artist

    Make-up Artist

    Make-up Artist by Tania

    I love the inventive use of the make-up, the hair, and the accessories. The exaggerated lashes and eyebrows and the glitter of the eye shadow mean the overall effect is very ethereal and fairy-like.

  • London Yellow Sky

    London Yellow Sky

    London Yellow Sky by Brian

    Brian does not mention what technique he used to capture this beautiful image of the Thames at Westminster, but I chose it because the delicate colours and the softness of the light are used very simply but very, very effectively indeed.

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