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Title: Youth Panel 2010 : Hafsah

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Youth Panel 2010 : Hafsah

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Introducing Hafsah - East Midlands rep

Hi, I'm 16 and in my last year of GCSEs. Next year, I'm studying Maths, Chemistry, Economics and Spanish.

I love composing, playing and listening to music. I play the piano and flute, and I'm currently teaching myself the guitar. I listen to all types of music, but right now my favourite artists are Plan B, Florence and the Machine and The XX.

I also enjoy writing lyrics in my spare time, and performing them as spoken word, and I'm hugely inspired by Def Jam Poetry. I've recently discovered an interest in filming and media artwork too.

Apart from my huge passion for creativity, I absolutely love London, Ben 'n' Jerry's ice cream and running. My other interests include: politics, volunteering and promoting equality and human rights.

Hafsah's favourite Blast uploads

  • First LoVe

    First LoVe

    First LoVe

    This sweet tune about love by Takman Productions, MC Takool, has a gripping, memorable beat throughout. I especially love the vocal sound effects which create a real unique sound overall for the song.

  • Reality



    Ay Loops, a female beatboxer has used the tune from the Spanish song, Lambada, to create her own unique beat. With a slight hint of ragga, she has really made this her own and I am sure it would be particularly inspiring to any lyric writers out there.

  • Identity



    An inspiring spoken word artist, Haroon has really captured the concept of identity in his entry into the Slambassadors competition in 2009. He shows no fear in expressing his true emotions and brilliantly tackles relevant issues surrounding this sensitive topic.

  • Follow the Stream

    Follow the Stream

    Follow the Stream

    This beautiful landscape in Yorkshire by Bethany is great inspiration for any other photographers, artists, or even lyric writers. The shadow creates a really serene and supernatural effect, emphasising the beautiful blue colour of the stream.

  • Sunset



    Damian has brilliantly captured this mind blowing sunset, really displaying the inspiring beauty. The unusual shades of pink create an almost supernatural effect alongside the mountains which have cleverly been emphasised in a silhouette-like way.

  • Break Machine

    Break Machine

    Break Machine

    With the clever camera effects, and the wide range of interesting dance moves, it is clear that some day Florence will fulfil her dream of becoming a professional dancer.

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