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Title: Youth Panel 2010 : Lucy

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Youth Panel 2010 : Lucy

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Introducing Lucy - North East rep

Hello fellow Blast enthusiasts! I'm Lucy, the North East Ambassador for the Youth Panel.

I love film-making and as part of GCSE Expressive Arts, I made two films about fairytales and vintage dance groups. I'm quite chatty and I love writing, whether it's journalism, poetry or storywriting. I'm also a vintage fashion addict and would love to have been born in a different era, so I could indulge in the glamorous gowns of the 1940s or the psychedelic mini skirts of the swinging 60s!

I'm always up for a challenge, so I'm thoroughly looking forward to being on the BBC Blast Youth Panel 2010.

Lucy's favourite Blast uploads

  • Nicole from ANTM

    Nicole from ANTM

    Nicole from ANTM

    What beautiful fiery hair Jacob's muse has! The light, pencil texture really highlights Nicole's bone structure beautifully. Her green eyes contrast so well with her peachy skin and her flaming hair.

  • Sunset on Eiffel Tower

    Sunset on Eiffel Tower

    Sunset on Eiffel Tower

    J'adore Paris! Flo's painting depicts the serene and magical essence of Paris. I just want to jump straight into the painting and eat croissants under the Eiffel Tower!

  • Vintage sassy eagle

    Vintage sassy eagle

    Vintage sassy eagle

    Isn't this a vibrant piece? I love how the wings are spiralling from the centre - it really creates movement and draws your eye in. The colours look so mystical, especially against the black background.

  • Freedom



    Both "Anchorless" below and this poem explore the idea of freedom. I really like the assonance of "-ing" words at the beginning of each line. The idea of "skimming across skies of possibility" is such a hopeful one and is my favourite line.

  • Anchorless



    The lack of movement and slow pace makes Svetlana's film quite simple. But its haunting music and the intense stare from the girl in the beginning shot makes it also very thought-provoking. There is a real darkness, but also a crisp simplicity, to it.

  • Make-up artist

    Make-up artist

    Make-up artist

    Wow! This girl looks like she has walked straight off the NY Fashion Week catwalks. The charcoal black has such an impact. I'm also reminded of the environment and climate change, has our reliance on coal and other fossil fuels blinded our vision for the future?

Uploads from the Blast Youth Panel 2010:


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