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Title: Data Mining - Part One - Spoken Word

Audio by Krazmaz from Berkshire | in writing, performance, spoken word

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Several things. Firstly, that is me saying 'data mining' in a croaky fashion. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Secondly, the other part of this is going to have to be split in half such is it's prodigious length so...yeah. Thirdly, uh, is it any good? My sleeping patterns have gone to pot recently (Read: I cannot sleep) and I feel this is imparting a degree of mania to everything I do. WORDS. MANY WORDS.


    • 1. At 3:30pm on 27 Apr 2010, English Host wrote:

      LOVE the croaky voice.

      What I particularly enjoy about this is the voice. There's something of the old British colonial voice - someone who's so busy congratulating 'the workers' that it sounds really hollow.

      It's great because it's a Science Fiction setting but it could be some story set in Allen Quartermain territory. Love it.

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    • 2. At 09:49am on 28 Apr 2010, jetguy2 wrote:

      =D happy
      Great as per usual master Kraz the voices are great

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    • 3. At 4:55pm on 28 Apr 2010, kim wrote:

      Haha, operating on little sleep or not this is great. I actually, rather surprisingly, although that'll sound an insult, but I prefered the text version. I think it was creepier. This sounds quite laid back and hearing it rather changed my perception of the story a little. But excellent reading and the writing as I said on your thread is really great. Really enviously good writing in fact.

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    • 4. At 11:28pm on 28 Apr 2010, Krazmaz wrote:

      I actually rather agree with it being better when it's written; but that's me. It gets better later, I think...but hell.

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