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Title: Bursary Blogging - scriptwriting

Image by Joseph from East Yorkshire | in writing, fiction, screenwriting

Bursary Blogging - scriptwriting

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The Bursary so far has been exciting, and I’m desperate to get writing with my mentor. The award show was a real confidence boost, to see your piece firstly on screen and secondly being taken seriously by people within the industry has been great. The Screen Skills plaque we all received has made it more real, and is currently waiting patiently on my shelf for an Oscar to keep it company. It might be lonely for a long time yet. Watching all the other winner’s films was really satisfying. To meet people of a similar age who share the same love of cinema as you do and act upon it as well is extraordinary experience. The bursary is a door opener within the industry and holds a vast amount of potential, and has convinced me to study screenwriting and hopefully fulfil my ambitions within that field. I can’t thank Blast enough really.


    • 1. At 2:21pm on 07 May 2010, English Host wrote:

      Yay! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. You seem to be bursting with ideas. Don't forget you can workshop them on the Blast message boards too...

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