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Title: Trousers - Your Label 2010

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Trousers - Your Label 2010

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This image is to be used as a resource for the Your Label 2010 Fashion Design Competition, in partnership with the V&A.

These trousers are part of the V&A’s Japanese Collection. They were made between 1800-1880 and are known as outer hakama - part of the formal costume for male members of the Japanese court is known as ‘sokutai’. This costume consists of various layers of long upper garments, or hô, and two pairs of hakama, a type of lower garment variously described as full-cut trousers or a divided skirt.

This pair of outer hakama are woven in white silk with roundels of wisteria. This wide garment is slightly pleated at the top, open at the sides, and ties around the waist with broad bands. The red silk lining is revealed at the side openings, hems, along the bands and on the two broad loops that conceal the opening at the crotch. White, laced double cords reinforce the top of the side seams, and pairs of cords, elaborately knotted at intervals, decorate the long waist bands.

Image copyright is held by the V&A.

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