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Title: Robe - Your Label 2010

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Robe - Your Label 2010

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This image is to be used as a resource for the Your Label 2010 Fashion Design Competition, in partnership with the V&A.

This robe is part of the V&A’s Japanese Collection. It originates from Kyoto, Japan and was made in 1980. It is made of silk, woven on a jacquard loom.

The karaori (‘Chinese weave’) is the basic outer robe for the role of a woman in performances of Noh – the classical theatre of Japan. For roles of high-ranking beautiful younger women the designs of karaori often included auspicious motifs of peonies and phoenix rendered in gold and brightly coloured threads.

This karaori is decorated with peonies and undulating lines on a green ground and is lined in purple silk; it was made by Yamaguchi Yasujirô, who is one of the master weavers of Kyoto.

Image copyright is held by the V&A.

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