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Title: Tabernacle - Your Label 2010

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Tabernacle - Your Label 2010

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This image is to be used as a resource for the Your Label 2010 Fashion Design Competition, in partnership with the V&A.

This piece is part of the V&A’s Medieval and Renaissance collection. It originates from ca. 1180 and was made in Cologne, Germany. It is an astonishing example of the art of goldsmiths in Cologne in the period 1150-1200. It rests on a wooden structure and is made of bronze and copper gilt, covered with enamel with ivory carvings in the porticos.

The inscriptions and imagery all suggest that it functioned as a portable tabernacle rather than a reliquary (a container for holy relics). A tabernacle held the pyx, a container for the consecrated bread used in the Christian Eucharist. This tabernacle would therefore have been used in processions or would have been set on an altar for veneration.

Image copyright is held by the V&A.

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