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Title: Print - Your Label 2010

Image by Blast | in fashion, design & create, drawings/design

Print - Your Label 2010

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This image is to be used as a resource for the Your Label 2010 Fashion Design Competition, in partnership with the V&A.

This print is part of the V&A’s Medieval and Renaissance collection. Made in Nuremberg, Germany between 1520-1526 the print is engraved on paper. Although designed and executed by a German artist the subject matter of this print is Italian in origin.

The putti (small cherubs), a vase, and scrolling foliage are motifs looking back to the art and design of ancient Rome and are characteristic of Italian Renaissance art.

This print is very small - less than three centimetres high and eight centimetres long but even in such a small space the artist has created an image full of energy and a sense of movement.

Image copyright is held by the V&A.

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