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Title: Winner!

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Ed Sheeran’s music is beautiful, his interview interesting and style impeccable. It was only natural that I chose to do an album cover for him. My medium is Photoshop and a tablet was used to illustrate the hand-drawn elements. I researched Ed: went on his website, went on his myspace, re-read his interview, and decided I needed something soulful, expressive and emotional to represent his music – but also something fun, playful, vividly colourful and unforgettable. The colour orange was one that stood out on all Ed’s previous album covers so I was careful to take note of that in my design. I added a grungy, earthy background with vague hand-drawn geometric shapes because Ed is down to earth. The clasped hands immediately gave me the idea of having hand-drawn elements representing the soul of Ed’s music spilling out from between them, with lyrics meshed between: at once chaotic and harmonious. The somber intensity of his eyes contrast with the vibrant waves of colours, and creates what I believe to be a distinctive Ed-mosphere. Painting in his nails in similar fun colours was a finishing touch, as was the red tinge in his hair that complements his green hoodie.


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