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Title: Winner!

Image by Ryan | in art & design, design, graphic design


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I chose to represent Rizzle Kick's in this competition due to how they reflect what I feel in life is important, a creative, spontaneous and interesting approach to their Art, which makes thing's for lack of a better word, fun! I love how structure and intelligence remains in their music yet the feeling of energy and pure enjoyment in what there doing remains, almost the same thing as seeing an artist throw paint at a canvas and watching it become something special, the energy is present but it doesn't cloud the thought process, like taming fire in a cotton wool mind. I chose to base my work in Adobe Illustrator as I love the flat graphics feel to what you can create using it, also seeing how vector work has become more popular in the Design Industry I decided to give Rizzle Kicks a very sharp colorful portrait, the outcome is very tamed so I balanced it with some Photoshop CS4 created "splats" to reflect the energy without overcrowding the canvas, also giving some color and flare. I enjoyed creating the piece and hope to create more like it in the future.


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