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Title: Runner up!

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Runner up!

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Upon looking at the names of the artists involved in the competition, I was sure that Rizzle Kicks would not be the act I was interested in; I assumed that the music and style would not be to my taste. However, as soon as the profile video began to play, I was captivated by their charm and playfulness. The photograph of them that I used was the one that I felt captured these qualities the most, and I began to think of imagery that reflected cheek, mischief and games. The first picture that flashed into my head was a playing card. I imagined Sylvester and Rizzle as Kings or Jacks on the cards, and this is what I drew. Drawing and painting have been two of my favourite past-times ever since I can remember. Since 2006, I have been painting portraits, and for about a year now, I have done so on commission. When I found out about this competition, it seemed natural for me to draw my design. I used graphic felt tip pens, and enhanced the colour digitally. I studied Jack and King cards and picked out elements of the images that I found most eye-catching, and used a mixture of these in my design. I felt my design should be bold, rich and playful to portray the colourful characters of Sylvester and Rizzle.


    • 1. At 4:37pm on 03 Mar 2010, Ellie wrote:

      I thing this album cover should have one. It is amazing. I will only comment about the lips of the boy on the right. They need to be adjusted a little. Great though, definite winner!

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